NEW HEATPIPE WITH "HeatpipeDirect"

The new heatpipe product with essentially new technology "HeatpipeDirect" will be presented on October, 9, 2006 by engineers IH Electronics before autumn session International Electronic and Industrial Exhibition. This product is logic continuation of development and researches IH in the field of heatpipe coolings. Distinctive feature of new technology that pipes pass directly in contact with basis CPU that should promote higher potential of work of all system. The first model of a new ruler becomes IH-4050 hP (D). It will be compatible with Intel Conroe 2, LGA 775 and AMD AM2, ATHLON 64. Here some numbers from characteristics 4050: Weight: 378 gram, 92mm fan, Noise: 17 - 27dBA +/-10 %. The Overall performance of a new ruler does not concede to work Recommended retail the price for Asia - 19 $, the Europe - 22 $.


IH Electronics presents result of one-and-a-half-year research of systems of cooling on the basis of thermal pipes, namely new generation of coolers on the basis of heatpipe - hP serie. Our first models of a new line is copper (IH-4200 hP) and aluminium (IH-4000 hP) (with copper heatpipe) the established 10 mm R heatpipes quantity of 4 pieces. We research a new planimetric pipe with special inside. We have added to water (90 %) some mixes, such as nitrogen (0,3 %), ammonia (7 %) and aldehyde HC 7 (2,7 %). And it has allowed to achieve dispersion of greater heat in total. It has allowed us to leave for achievable limits. We have added +40 % of capacity to ours heatpipes.
Below on the table it is visible on progress.

The logic base of work is based on thermal carry of molecules of nitrogen by means of particles of aldehyde. In operation molecules of nitrogen and aldehyde have different polarity and are fastened with each other. Nitrogen has greater absorbency of heat. Aldehyde HC7 has low temperature of boiling and works as transport which transfers nitrogen from the hot side to cold. Water and ammonia work as a surrounding road liquid.The new technology is named Heat Transporting System (HTS (tm)).
We can say, that our products have many of advantages. For example, you can connect second fan (90 mm) from a underside if you are ready to up your limits on new level. However remember, that to all there is a limit and we dont bear the responsibility for crushed devices other manufacturers. We have large frozen potential for manufacturers CPU. Also are ready to work with more powerful chips, than are issued now.
The official presentation of new coolers takes place on December, 24th, 2005.
The recommended sales for the Europe (IH-4200 hP - 35Euros, IH - 4000 hP - 30Euros), for the American continents (IH-4200 hP - 40 $, IH - 4000 hP - 35 $), the near countries - (IH-4200 hP - 37 $, IH - 4000 hP - 32 $).

Northern Bridge cooler in sale


IH Electronics the small gift to overclockers has given and realized new air system of cooling of Northern Bridge of a motherboard. The cooler is executed from pure copper and 135 gram weighs. It has small 3-pin the fan. The description you can see Products in section.
The beginning of sales October 2005.
Recommended retail the price 12 $.



In March ICEHAMMER Electronics is going to announce the first VGA cooler own manufacture. The cooler will be universal and is established on all kinds of manufacturers of videochipsets. The cooler from pure copper is executed and equipped with the silent fan. More detailed specifications will be published later. Planned release: March 2005

The new concept of water cooling from ICEHAMER Corp

Experts of corporation ICEHAMMER had been developed a new design of the water-blocks essentially raising productivity of systems of water cooling. The new system has been named Niagara. After long tests and searches of the optimum decision experts IH came to a conclusion, that for reception of the greater effect of cooling it is necessary to increase not the external party of a radiator, and internal! Therefore as sensitivity of water temperature is essentially higher rather than sensitivity of air. And increasing the area of contact of a radiator with water efficiency duty of a radiator considerably increases. Experts also have paid attention, that thickness of edges and distance between them in contact with water should be more increased rather than in an air variant as there are by-effects like accumulation of deposits which in turn can lead to narrowing of the area and reduction of efficiency of a radiator. Also it was accepted decisions on a glass cover mounted from above. Which will allow the user watches a condition of a radiator, and also having removed a cover to make clearing a surface of deposits and a dust for maintenance of stability of productivity.

ICEHAMMER RAM memory present.

In March engineers of our corporation are ready to present the market cooling for chipsets RAM memory. New allocators of heat RAM memory will essentially help and interfere with process of braking of the answer to system at heating RAM of memory. Allocators will be made of pure copper with a small layer the technical gold interfering oxidation of copper, for avoidance of formation of a deposit on plates and to maintenance of high heat conductivity of copper plates.

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